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Finding hope

Creative Hopelessness is an alternative way to cope with long-lasting, chronic physical and mental pain that doesn’t seem to get better with medical intervention. This form of treatment flips the switch in the thought process and teaches you how to live your life through those feelings and not wait for them to go away.

How Can Creative Hopelessness Help Me?

    It’s a sobering and sad fact. According to most estimates, almost 50% of marriages result in divorce. When couples walk down the aisle, the last outcome they expect is that they will be walking out of the union in opposite directions. The consequences of divorce are sometimes shattering regardless of whether the decision was mutual.

    What Everybody Ought to Know About Hopelessness After a Divorce

      This is worth repeating – communication is the pillar of all relationships. Without effective communication, hope leaves your home faster than a bullet train. To work on effective communication, it’s important to review key aspects of a positive and productive conversation.

      The Truth About Hopelessness in Marriage

        At first, safety was a concern, and survival instincts helped us get through the initial few weeks and months of staying inside and avoiding visiting family and friends. However, over time, Covid has become unhealthy in a whole new way.

        Let’s Talk About Hopelessness and Covid Fatigue

          Often times, looking at quotes and pictures of hope can actually bring you hope!  There is much to be said in the power of surrounding yourself in the positive.  Look on to be inspired!

          Pictures of Hope

            The biannual Latter Day Saints General Conference is a wonderful opportunity for the leaders of the community to share their testimony and encourage the community to pursue the Christian mission. These talks on hope provide true inspiration and a great reminder of Him in whom we place our trust in spite of the imperfections of the world.

            LDS Conference Talks on Hope

              Hopelessness is a hard obstacle to overcome especially when part of its power makes the future seem fruitless and bleak. There is a way out of the darkness and people who have experience and knowledge to help you get there. Check out these TED talks on overcoming hopelessness to give you some ideas on how to get unstuck from the rut.

              Overcoming Hopelessness TED talk

                Hopelessness is feeling like nothing will get better, that the future is bleak. Feelings of hopelessness and despair can be overwhelming. There are things you can do to increase your sense of hope and optimism.
                In this brief article, we’ll look at how to minimize hopelessness and improve how you feel about the future.

                How to Reduce Hopelessness

                  Combat hopelessness by expanding a perspective that has narrowed. You feel hopeless because what is right in front of you, whether that is a life situation or just how you feel, seems impossible. That is not true! Find other people who you trust, seek professional counseling, change unhealthy patterns, and find other ways to expand that narrowed perspective.
                  This article will equip you with practical tools and skills to take the fight to your hopeless moods and find a new perspective for tomorrow.

                  How to Combat Hopelessness