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Bedtime Affirmations to Get Rid of Stress

    Bedtime affirmations to Help you Sleep

    Bedtime can be tricky. Oftentimes it happens to be those moments when you most crave a good night’s rest that you tend to lay awake tossing and turning. 

    However, the good news is that bedtime affirmations can help. The following lists of bedtime affirmations were written to lower stress and rid yourself of the day’s worries, help you prepare yourself for a calm and restful sleep, and of course, psyche you up for tomorrow. 

    Wondering how affirmations can help with these things? Affirmations harness the power of the law of affirmation which describes the belief that positive thoughts bring positive experiences into one’s life just as negative thoughts may bring negative experiences. When it is used effectively, the law of attraction has the ability to change your life. So, let’s begin with one of the most important elements of a healthy and happy life which is good sleep. 

    Lower stress and rid yourself of the day’s worries 

    I relinquish any thoughts of today’s events. 

    Today is in the past and I know that thinking about it will not help or change anything. 

    I am ready to let go of any stressful thoughts. 

    I deserve to feel at peace in my mind, spirit, and body.

    Each breath I take fills my body with peace and each breath I exhale releases stress. 

    I embrace calmness in my life. 

    To let go of my worry, I understand that I need to embrace a sound sleep tonight

    I am a naturally calm person.

    I am in control of my thoughts. 

    In allowing myself to release the day’s worries I choose to move forward!

    I find stressful situations easy to handle. 

    Everything that I needed to do today was done. 

    I am confident that I am equipped to handle any obstacles that come my way therefore I do not need to worry. 

    I am grateful to have had a beautiful day today. 

    Even the bad days contribute to my overall growth and development.

    Today will be learned from and I will move forward with more knowledge and resilience. 

    I am open to new ways of thinking. 

    I love and accept my body for carrying me through life today and every day. 

    Feeling relaxed comes naturally to me. 

    I am dealing with life one step at a time and that is enough.

    Now it is time to release any unpleasant thoughts. I have done all that I can do today. 

    I am safe, I am strong, and I am capable. 

    One day at a time. 

    Prepare for restful sleep 

    I am ready to sleep soundly. 

    I am open to a restful night of sleep.

    Falling asleep comes easily to me. 

    My mind, spirit, and body are prepared to sleep. 

    I will let go of anything holding me back from the restful sleep that awaits me. 

    I am ready to be recharged.

    My dreams will be peaceful tonight because I am in a tranquil state of mind. 

    By sleeping well, I prove that I love myself and accept myself and cherish myself

    I choose to sleep now. 

    I am mindful of the way that a night of good sleep makes me feel and so I prioritize rest in my life. 

    Each day I learn, and I grow and to do so effectively, I need my rest. 

    I will fall asleep effortlessly.

    I deserve to sleep. 

    The universe is supporting me. 

    My path is clear, and my heart knows where to go. 

    Feeling stressed right now will only inhibit me from getting the rest I need to take on the day tomorrow. 

    Worry does not control me, I control my mind, spirit, and body. 

    I am thankful for this opportunity to sleep. 

    I am worthy of rest. 

    Psyche yourself up for a new day tomorrow

    I am so grateful to live another day tomorrow. 

    Tomorrow is the beginning of my life. 

    I can’t wait to get started tomorrow.

    I know that I will wake up after a sound night’s rest tomorrow and feel like a new person. 

    There is so much to look forward to tomorrow. 

    I will walk through life with confidence and grace tomorrow. 

    The possibilities and opportunities that tomorrow holds are abundant. 

    The world is my oyster, and it all starts from the moment I open my eyes tomorrow morning. 

    Tomorrow is a brand-new day.

    I am fully prepared to handle any obstacle that comes my way tomorrow. 

    Light and love will glow within me and carry me through my day tomorrow. 

    I deserve a great day tomorrow. 

    Final Thoughts on Bedtime Affirmations

    Now that you have practiced your bedtime affirmations, it’s time to hit the light. The more you can recite these affirmations with confidence and surround the thoughts with positive energy, the better you will find their power shines through and begins changing your life.