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humor to cope

Stress is an inevitable part of life! How we cope with it can have a significant impact on our overall well-being. The way we handle stress can affect our mental health, physical health, and even our relationships with others. In… Read More »Using Humor to Cope

Using Humor to Cope

    Through his humor, Mark Twain was able to provide a fresh perspective on life’s challenges and offer a sense of hope and optimism. He believed that laughter could help people overcome their struggles and find joy in even the toughest of circumstances.

    Finding Joy: Mark Twain Quotes on Humor

      Get inventive and involve yourself, and you’ll probably find that your own sense of positivity increases too! Your child will follow your lead, so be enthusiastic and grateful about your own life as well.

      7 Fun Gratitude Exercises for Kids

        If you’re in charge of running an office, you might suggest incorporating one of our group activities for positive thinking into your next board meeting. Church groups, study groups, and family gatherings are all great examples of times to try out some of our group activities for positive thinking.

        Easy Group Activities for Positive Thinking

          Trauma is messy. It’s hard. Healing takes time and patience and oftentimes it’s going through and reliving the traumatic event over and over with a trained therapist. That takes a lot out of a person. It takes a toll on an already traumatized person, who wasn’t working at full capacity.

          How Can I Use Humor to Cope with Trauma?

            There are plenty of ways to boost endorphins in your body. This includes exercise, eating certain foods, etc. However, studies have shown that humor is by far the best way to boost endorphin production.

            10 Ways That Humor Affects Mental Health

              Need a quick dose of the funnies to lift your spirits? Look no further than short stories with humor, which can all be accessed online or checked out from your local library.

              Short Stories with Humor to Make You LOL