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It’s true what they say that you are a mix of the top five people you surround yourself with! If you surround yourself with positive people, that is a major step in the right direction. The first step is finding these awesome people to influence you.

How to Have a Positive Outlook in Life

    The best thing that men can do to improve their health is to prioritize prevention of health issues rather than wait for treatment to become inevitable and maybe even impossible. Learning to be aware of health issues that affect men and how to spot the signs and symptoms is a big part of this.

    When is National Men’s Mental Health Week?

      The first great example of faith in the Old Testament is Abraham, the father of nations. God saw what a good and faithful man Abraham was so He promised Abraham that his descendants would be too numerous to count. God even tested Abraham’s faith several times.

      You’ll Love These Simple Bible Scriptures on Faith

        National Children’s Mental Health Day was created to promote awareness of severe mental illnesses and serious emotional disturbances in children. Its goal is to encourage families to seek professional help for their children who are suffering from mental health conditions.

        National Children’s Mental Health Day-The Facts

          We could all use some affirmations for faith from time to time, especially in times like these when the world is chaotic, and life feels heavy. Here we have compiled a few of the most encouraging affirmations for faith to encourage and uplift you.

          How to Effectively Use A Daily Affirmation for Faith

            Faith is strong enough to move mountains, but sometimes we allow doubt to creep in and weaken our faith. When we experience a crisis in faith, it can be crippling, causing us to feel a disconnect with God or even that He has abandoned us. Don’t despair and don’t give up hope.

            I’m Having a Crisis in Faith. Now What?

              The examples of faith throughout the Bible all point to the solid understanding that if we too have faith, God can work wonders through us. Let us read these biblical stories about faith and emulate the virtue that Abraham, Daniel, Mary, and Jesus perfected.

              Best Biblical Stories About Faith

                Therapy isn’t about exposing your innermost secrets or shaming you for mistakes. It’s a confidential meeting wherein a psychological expert listens compassionately and devises strategies for better mental health. So, you don’t have to search for hope alone anymore.

                Can a Therapist Help You Find Hope?