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If you want to make healthier choices, remind yourself every day while you walk around the grocery store, while choosing your lunch, and while you begin an exercise routine that works for you: remember “I am making healthier choices!”

New Year’s Affirmations

    Such things may seem small and not worth expressing gratitude over, but just take a moment to imagine what life would be like without them. Imagine that you couldn’t see the blue of the sky or the green of trees, that you couldn’t hear birdsong or music. We take these things for granted, but they should be appreciated.

    An Example Gratitude List to Get You Started

      While some in-depth gratitude exercises exist, the best gratitude activities are the ones that you can easily make into a habit. Gratitude should be practiced often, at least once daily if not more, in order to make it a permanent mindset and reap the benefits mentioned above.

      Gratitude Practices That Will Serve You Well in Life

        Beyond this, someone who receives whatever they want often forgets the value of the object and the fact that someone gave it to them. Limiting what is received allows you to focus on what is important in your life. By having less, your children can focus on truly feeling thankful for what they do receive from others.

        Teaching Your Kids How to Express Gratitude

          Neuroplasticity is the brain’s way of adapting over time, depending on the experiences that you undergo- including consistent thinking patterns. If one were to constantly bombard their brains with negative thoughts and sentences, your brain will use that as its baseline when it comes to handling life’s obstacles.

          Affirmations on Confidence for When You’re Feeling Down

            Positive thinking is a difficult school of thought. It’s not about ignoring your troubles or choosing to live in a fairy-tale land; rather, it’s a willful mental process that you etch into your mind over the course of a lifetime.

            Positive Thinking Effects You Can Enjoy Today!

              Anxiety is not one size fits all; each person can experience different symptoms, and no two people would likely describe a panic attack the same as another. When you hear the word anxiety, you may automatically think of a person hyperventilating into a paper bag. Although that image can be attributable to anxiety – and the paper bag trick has been proven to assist, there are all kinds of symptoms and feelings an individual with anxiety may experience.

              What is the Meaning of Anxiety?

                You can choose how to react to anything that happens. The way you feel about your day is entirely up to you and your mind. No matter what, nobody can control how you think or feel, and reminding oneself that such a thing is true is empowering. Plus, it helps remind us of the fact that, no matter how chaotic the world gets, you still have some control.

                Positive Affirmations for Morning