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Meaning & Understanding

Hopelessness feels slightly different for each person, but it usually involves feeling dark, low, and like you don’t have any power over your circumstances.
Determining the answer to “how does hopelessness feel?” can lead to associated mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.
But having feelings of hopelessness does not always mean you’ve developed a mental illness. Let’s look at how does hopelessness feel and what to watch out for.

How Does Hopelessness Feel?

    While every single person on this planet will go through periods of hopelessness, it is important to remember that all feelings (even the good ones) will eventually pass.

    Metaphors for Hopelessness

      Perhaps someone you know is feeling down. Maybe you are worried they might hurt themselves. Keep reading to find out the signs of hopelessness and how you can help your loved one.

      What Does Hopelessness Feel Like?

        Hopelessness is a sense that life or a certain situation will never improve. These feelings come from feeling caught in a particular situation or aspect of our lives without being able to see a way out of it and can lead to vicious thought cycles

        Where Does Hopelessness Come From?

          If you are feeling the weight of hopelessness and need to be lifted up, turn to the Bible and let God’s Word rejuvenate your spirit.

          Hopelessness Bible Study

            The definition of hopelessness in psychology is: an emotion experienced by someone who cannot recognize that there are good things in the future. A lack of optimism and passion characterize this emotion.  In turn, this can cause you to abandon any thought of future success or improvement. 

            Definition of Hopelessness in Psychology

              In the bible, hopelessness is not explicitly called a “sin”. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a kind of sin. In fact, if we read between the lines, hopelessness can very much be classed as just that. Let us explain

              Is Hopelessness a Sin? We Need to Know

                There is a selection of healing crystals that can help you on your journey to mental wellness. Keep in mind that they are not a one-stop solution and you may have to seek additional remedies, but crystals can certainly be a place to start.

                Crystals for Hopelessness You Have to Try!

                  Hopelessness is defined as a lack of hope, optimism, and passion. People who feel hopelessness may feel stuck and unable to get beyond that feeling or have an expectation of success in the future.  They may have specific signs and symptoms of hopelessness. 

                  Signs and Symptoms of Hopelessness to Watch Out For