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Crystals for Hopelessness You Have to Try!

    Sometimes your mental health and energies are not radiant and instead full of a cloud of negative energy made up of sadness, guilt, anger, numbness, and fatigue. Depression and hopelessness can manifest in a variety of ways and fixing it isn’t as easy as replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones. Finding crystals for hopelessness can bring healing and peace.

    There is a wonderful selection of healing crystals that can help you on your journey to mental wellness. Keep in mind that they are not a one-stop solution and you may have to seek additional remedies, but crystals can certainly be a place to start.

    Amethyst -the first crystals for hopelessness

    Amethyst is a soft, gentle, and positive stone. It pierces through the mud in your mind and points out the wise voices rather than the unwise ones. It can also help uplift you to your higher purpose.

    Carnelian -great for depression

    Carnelian can give you a huge dose of vitality when you need it the most. It is associated with endurance, promise, and passion. It is a warm stone to quiet your anxious thoughts, dispelling the negativity.

    Citrine-crystal for depression

    Citrine is known to be one of the happiest crystals in the world. Citrine is a bright color, full of positive energy. It is also ripe in energy to combat stagnant, or sinking feelings, transforming them into enthusiasm and joy.

    Clear Quartz

    Clear quartz is known for quieting the chaos of your mind. It works on your body both spiritually and physically, by improving your immune system, your concentration capabilities, and your energy levels.

    Jasper-a great crystals for hopelessness

    Jasper helps with anxiety, regardless of its color. It can help you accept your past traumas and move beyond them. It is good for grounding you in the present.

    Lepidolite-banish hopelessness

    Lepidolite isn’t a bright and fiery stone, rather it is a soft and soothing stone. Using lepidolite can balance your nervous system and get it back into harmony. It can also banish negative thoughts and feelings.


    Malachite helps temper violent mood swings and instead allow inner peace. It is a balancing stone that helps you weather the bad and get back to the good. It, too, can help process and release past traumas.

    Rose Quartz

    Rose quarts is a stone of self-care and compassion. It helps you take care of yourself by helping you love and respect yourself.

    Smoky Quartz for depression

    Smoky quartz helps ground you back to reality and see the path to the things that make you happy. It is a purifying stone that takes away the negative thoughts, allowing room for positive ones.

    Tiger’s Eye-the last of our list of crystals for hopelessness

    Tiger’s eye helps with self-confidence and overcoming self-doubt. It is there to make you strong and powerful, letting you attune to the positives of your life rather than the negatives. It helps to release your anxiety and give you a power boost in its place.

    Conclusion on Crystals for Hopelessness

    These are only ten stones to help you on your journey to mental and spiritual wellness, but they are an excellent place to start you on your way. Don’t feel limited to these ones either, if another stone speaks to you, listen to it. Have knowledge of the power of crystals for hopelessness and allow yourself to heal.