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T​hese days, it seems like writing letters of gratitude is a lost art. It’s much easier to send a quick thank-you text or simply continue on with your life without a second thought. With all the advancements in technology and our fast-paced world, what’s the point in writing letters of gratitude?

3 Easy Examples of Letters of Gratitude

    Starting today, challenge yourself to say thank you to three different people a day. Aside from close friends and family, include people in your community, co-workers, service personnel, etc.
    This exercise can help you start actively looking for reasons to be grateful, and notice the impact of other people on your everyday life.

    Will You Take the Gratitude 30 Day Challenge?

      Through constant application, positive thinking can vastly improve your circumstances. This is the key, though: positive thinking is an active mindset requiring work and practice. It isn’t a magic solution to problems, but rather a reframing of them to see your situation in a more manageable light.

      What’s Positive Thinking and Should I Try it?

        Hope is essential to a solid Christian faith, and yet, it is often the most challenging part to hold on to. In a world full of diversity and sin, Christians may find their hope in God failing. But the Bible provides advice on keeping hope and faith strong in believers.

        Blessings of Hope That Can Be Yours!