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Finding hope

Hang around people who are genuinely positive, who challenge you, and who you admire. This doesn’t mean that your discussions have to become all positive quotes and sunshine, but you should focus on conversations that are productive and fun.

Easy Techniques for Positive Thinking

    Helping out also gives you a reason to visit frequently, so you can check in how they’re doing. Some people may not be ready to have a “big talk” but they’ll open up little by little during conversations you have while cleaning the house, or sharing a meal.

    How to Help a Friend Who Feels Hopeless

      By being aware of these five stages, you can keep track of where you are and notice if you have been stuck in a stage for too long. If you have been gradually moving through them, as bad as you feel, this is a normal process, and you can find some solace in the fact that you will reach the end of it.

      Hopelessness After Death of a Loved One

        It is normal to feel overwhelmed after a job loss. If you feel this way, you should not feel rushed about moving forward. Give yourself some time to take a breath, sit back, and let it pass. Whether you use this time to process your grief or just let your stress levels simmer, it is valuable either way.

        How to Deal With Hopelessness After a Job Loss

          It is much healthier to talk about the problem, but in a healthy and child-appropriate way. Don’t overwhelm them with details, but you can share what you feel and ask for a hug. Then, say how even when times are hard, you feel lucky to have them with you, and know that you can get through this together.

          How to Teach Your Kids to Have Hope

            Whether you are reading third parties’ vitriolic political arguments, buried in yet another rant about everything that the poster views is wrong with the country, or just reading up on the latest tragedy or injustice across the world, all of this information will bring you down, and it will bring you down hard.

            How to Maintain a Positive Mindset in Today’s Crazy World

              Repetition and kind words are great ways to bring positive thoughts into your mind space. Choose a mantra to say to yourself whenever you start feeling upset, overwhelmed, or even just first thing every morning to start your day off right.

              Positive Thinking Ways That Really Work!

                In Ledgerwood’s talk, she describes how people tend to focus more on the negativity of failure, more than the positivity of success, even of success happens more often. Failure sticks around much longer, she cites an example of the glass half full/half empty concept.

                The Top Positive Thinking TED Talks on the Internet

                  If you make it a point to try to look for opportunities to help people, you will invite more positive energy into your world. You will feel helpful, accomplished, and needed, which are very validating feelings. It creates a sense of fulfillment to do something for someone, especially those that you care about.

                  The 5 Best Activities for Positive Thinking