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Finding hope

The key is to chant these mantras out loud like you mean it, because saying anything out loud brings your body into the process, and helps your mind believe because you’re embodying the chant physically.

You Need to Try Affirmations-Tony Robbins Says so!

    When you first enter the app, you can continue as a guest. Only the “general” category is available; however, if you do choose to pay for premium, this app has several interesting categories: attract love, advance in career, believe in yourself, improve sex life, develop gratitude, strengthen your body, and many others.

    The 5 Coolest Positive Daily Affirmation Apps

      The famous figures above are testament to the fact that those who hope despite all odds are the ones who may change the world. Here are some of the great figures of history and modern times that continue to inspire us to hope

      Famous People Who Inspired Us with Their Hope

        Louie Schwartzberg is a nature photographer and videographer by trade, and he uses powerful images he captures from the natural world to enhance his message of gratitude. You can find his work on Netflix in his show “Moving Art,” and on Disney and National Geographic.

        Lessons on Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg

          Money isn’t always easy; life can be expensive. However, we tend to find ourselves stuck in vicious cycles of worrying about money and then finding there is never enough of it to live the lives we wish to live. This cycle can be incredibly discouraging because it re-enforces itself and is constantly thrown in our face.

          Daily Affirmations for Money-It Really Works!

            You probably already have some interests that can be developed into a hobby. Maybe you watch golf on television. You should go play it. You may admire a dress in a movie. Why not see if you can make it?

            Hobbies That Will Bring You Hope and Happiness

              There are many factors in weight loss that are not completely in our control: metabolism, body type, age, or how much free time we have to exercise. However, we can focus on what we can change, including the kind of food we eat, and how we deal with obstacles.

              Affirmations for Weight Loss-Get Your Head in the Game!

                Hang around people who are genuinely positive, who challenge you, and who you admire. This doesn’t mean that your discussions have to become all positive quotes and sunshine, but you should focus on conversations that are productive and fun.

                Easy Techniques for Positive Thinking

                  Helping out also gives you a reason to visit frequently, so you can check in how they’re doing. Some people may not be ready to have a “big talk” but they’ll open up little by little during conversations you have while cleaning the house, or sharing a meal.

                  How to Help a Friend Who Feels Hopeless