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Finding hope

This podcast shares interviews of real people who turned lemons into lemonade. We like the variety of stories: a widow who found life after a loss, a mom diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who refused to let her illness define her, a teenager janitor who got ahead by hard work but learned the importance of giving and taking.

Our 6 Favorite Podcasts on Positive Thinking

    The Bible is a fantastic source to reference when looking for guidance towards happiness and positive thinking. There you will find plenty of self-affirmation texts and plenty of reminders about why you should keep your thoughts uplifted and joyful.

    I Need a Bible Verse for Positive Thinking

      What if creating your ideal life was as simple as changing your mindset? Developing a few easy habits can ensure that you live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life, according to proponents of positive thinking and the law of attraction. Adopting these positive thinking practices will assist you in making your wildest dreams a reality.

      Positive Thinking Practices I Learned from “The Secret”

        Whenever you can’t completely avoid negative thoughts, make sure you have a plan to get out of that mindset as quickly as you can. Turning to supportive friends or family members, journaling, or getting into a new environment are great ways to shift out of negativity and back towards positivity.

        10 Easy Techniques for Positive Thinking

          If you like the idea of positive thinking but don’t know where to start, this is completely normal. There’s not exactly an obvious way to start incorporating positive thinking into your life. Luckily, there are some things you can do to train your brain to react in a more positive way.

          The Benefits of Positive Thinking for Body, Mind and Soul

            Through constant application, positive thinking can vastly improve your circumstances. This is the key, though: positive thinking is an active mindset requiring work and practice. It isn’t a magic solution to problems, but rather a reframing of them to see your situation in a more manageable light.

            What’s Positive Thinking and Should I Try it?

              It sounds easy enough on paper, but actually incorporating the practice of positive thinking is another story. How do we begin to change our thought patterns and shift towards an optimistic outlook?
              Luckily, psychologists and advocates of positive thinking have designed a variety of excellent apps to help get you started. We’ve rounded up the best Apps for Positive thinking to jumpstart your journey towards a happier life.

              The Very Best Apps for Positive Thinking

                Many greats throughout history have used positive thinking to transform their attitude and give them the strength needed to overcome insurmountable challenges. Without these great minds, and their use of positive thinking, their great potential would have gone to waste.

                Famous Quotes to Inspire Positive Thinking

                  People often use “getting up on the wrong side of the bed” as an expression to describe the start of a bad day. Although it sounds silly, there is truly something to be said for the beginning of your day reflecting the rest of it.

                  How to Get Into a Positive Mindset Today

                    Aging is also supposed to be a time when more opportunities arise. Once you have raised your children and finished your career, you are considered free to travel the country, take piano lessons, or finally write that book.

                    How to Ease Hopelessness and Aging