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How often Should You Laugh?

    how often should you laugh

    Laughter has a multitude of benefits, from helping to reduce stress, improving your immune system and heart health, to even burning calories! It’s recommended that you get at least 10-15 minutes of laughter per day for optimal health. That’s about a 40-calorie burn, according to a Vanderbilt University study. Furthermore, regular laughing has been linked to helping people live longer by reducing cancer and other illnesses. So don’t forget to make room for a chuckle in your daily routine!

    What is the Point of Laughing?

    Research suggests that laughing is a natural, instinctive way to signal safety and well-being. Laughing has proven health benefits, both mental and physical. It reduces the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. Laughing boosts endorphins, neurotransmitters, and infection-fighting antibodies. It also helps us to maintain positive relationships with others. Laughter can help to combat negative thinking and spark creativity. It also can serve as a distraction from stressful events in our lives, allowing us to take a break from the pressures of everyday life. In addition, studies have shown that laughing increases oxygen intake which helps increase memory, and strengthens the immune system. In other words, laughter is an invaluable form of self-care!

    Do you get dopamine from laughing?

    Yes! Have you ever heard the saying “laughter is the best medicine”? While it may not be able to treat actual pain or illness, it has been scientifically proven that laughter naturally releases dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for feeling pleasure, motivation and satisfaction. When laughing, you not only get a burst of physical energy but also a burst of mental and emotional benefits too! It has been found that when a person laughs, their brain releases oxytocin and endorphins that give them feelings of happiness and well-being. Not only that, but it also enhances learning, attention, and empathy, all while reducing stress hormone levels. That is a lot bang for you buck! Don’t be afraid to laugh often and enjoy its many benefits!

    how often should you laugh

    How Often Should You Laugh?

    How often should you laugh? It depends, but it’s recommended that you try to make humor a regular part of your day. Laughing frequency can vary among individuals depending on their unique threshold for humor and amusement in different situations. Ultimately, determining how often to laugh to reap its benefits is a personal choice.

    Research shows that laugh frequency depends on the amount of time an individual spends interacting with others. People who are more extraverted tend to laugh more often than introverts. During infancy and throughout adulthood, people use laughter to express their feelings of amusement and joy to one another. Suprisingly adults may actually laugh more than children. 2-year-old infants laugh an average of 18 times per hour while playing, while adults laugh 35 times an hour during conversations. Basically, people should strive for social interaction with others as much as they can in a day. This can make them laugh more, feel happier and healthier overall.

    Laughing is not just something that only humans do. Many animals also produce laughter-like sounds when tickled. According to a recent study conducted by researchers at UCLA, more than 65 species of animals are capable of producing play vocalizations, which are similar to human laughter. Therefore, it could be said that we should aim to laugh just as often as our animal counterparts!

    Train Yourself to Laugh

    Did you know you can train yourself to laugh? You can practice laughter, even if it feels forced at first. To begin laughing, you can start with looking at simple items such as photos, greeting cards, or comic strips that give you a good giggle. Consider collecting anecdotes you find funny in a file or notebook. Also build a collection of funny movies, TV shows, and comedy videos to refer back to as needed.  Try browsing through joke books and add some jokes to your repertoire that you can tell others! Look for humorous podcasts or websites online, or go to a comedy club if there is one nearby. It’s also important to share a laugh with friends and family. Remember to never laugh at the expense of someone else; the same judgment should be used to discern between good jokes and bad, inappropriate ones. 

    In Summary

    Laughter is often referred to as the “best medicine,” and for good reason! It has the power to reduce stress, boost your mood, and even strengthen your immune system. However, despite its many benefits, many of us don’t prioritize laughter in our daily lives.

    While experts can’t give an exact number of how often you should laugh, they all agree that it’s an important part of any wellness routine. Laughter is a natural stress-reliever, and when you laugh, your body releases endorphins that promote feelings of pleasure and well-being.

    Contrary to the comedic trope of “laughing to death,” laughing too much is not a health risk. In fact, laughter has been shown to have a positive impact on physical health, including reducing inflammation and improving blood flow. So, don’t be afraid to let loose and laugh out loud!

    It’s important to note that not all laughter is created equal. While a good belly laugh with friends is great, forced laughter or laughing at the expense of others is not. When it comes to laughter, quality is just as important as quantity.

    So, while there’s no magic number for how often you should laugh, make it a point to seek out things that make you genuinely happy and laugh as much as you can. Whether it’s a funny movie, a good joke, or spending time with friends who make you smile, prioritize laughter in your life and reap the many benefits it has to offer!