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Positive thinking is a difficult school of thought. It’s not about ignoring your troubles or choosing to live in a fairy-tale land; rather, it’s a willful mental process that you etch into your mind over the course of a lifetime.

Positive Thinking Effects You Can Enjoy Today!

    Be grateful for your work, regardless of how menial or stressful it may seem at times. The honest truth is that as humans, we need purpose in our lives―something to work towards.
    Despite how frustrating the work environment can be sometimes, working is a pretty big part of what makes us human, and contrary to what pop culture would have us believe, a life of luxury will only leave you dissatisfied

    How to Have Workplace Gratitude

      The key is to chant these mantras out loud like you mean it, because saying anything out loud brings your body into the process, and helps your mind believe because you’re embodying the chant physically.

      You Need to Try Affirmations-Tony Robbins Says so!

        Get inventive and involve yourself, and you’ll probably find that your own sense of positivity increases too! Your child will follow your lead, so be enthusiastic and grateful about your own life as well.

        7 Fun Gratitude Exercises for Kids

          It’s true what they say that you are a mix of the top five people you surround yourself with! If you surround yourself with positive people, that is a major step in the right direction. The first step is finding these awesome people to influence you.

          How to Have a Positive Outlook in Life

            Being a husband is about more than just providing things for a wife or kids. It’s about being a role model for them: showing them how an honorable, hard-working person leads his life, and how he cares for those that are important to him. Affirmations for husbands should remind one of this reality, and to be proud of the role model you are.

            Affirmations for Husbands. Be the Best You Can Be!

              Brain fog is not a condition but rather a symptom of something else going on. It can be a side effect of many things: chemotherapy, hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune conditions, anxiety, and much more. No matter the cause, it can be tough to navigate alone.

              Do I have Brain Fog From Anxiety?

                When you first enter the app, you can continue as a guest. Only the “general” category is available; however, if you do choose to pay for premium, this app has several interesting categories: attract love, advance in career, believe in yourself, improve sex life, develop gratitude, strengthen your body, and many others.

                The 5 Coolest Positive Daily Affirmation Apps