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Positive Affirmations for Morning

    Positive Affirmations for Morning

    Mornings are tough for most people. If you have a tough day ahead of you, it can be difficult to find the right motivation to even get out of bed. Sometimes, what you need is positive affirmations for morning.  They can’t assure you about the day ahead, about yourself, or about the future in store for you. These phrases, mantras, or quotes can go a long way toward shaping your mental state.

    Positive affirmations are all about convincing yourself of the things you need to start the day with a happy and open mind. Of course, encouragement, satisfaction, hopefulness, and more are all a part of it. Here are some positive affirmations for mornings you can try from here on out.

    I Am Grateful for What I Have, and the Chance to Experience a New Day

    Oftentimes, it is very easy to focus on the bad aspects of our lives, without considering the good. This morning affirmation serves to remind one that there are many things to be grateful for every day.  Truly some of these are home, health, family, safety, freedom, life, and much more. It helps remind one that their life could likely be much worse than it appears to be.

    Moreover, it reminds one that every day is a new experience, and even if something tough is on the schedule. The fact that you are alive to experience new things at all is worth gratitude.

    I Am Confident in My Ability to Achieve My Goals

    Self-doubt is a big detriment to mental health. When a difficult task is looming or a tough goal seems out of reach, it’s easy to convince yourself that you are going to fail. This positive affirmation serves to remind one that they have succeeded in many things before.  Also, they will be reminded that they have many valuable talents, and that their goals are within reach.

    The first step to accomplishing any goal is believing that you can do it. If you can’t even convince yourself of that, accomplishing your goals truly will be difficult.

    I Deserve to Be Happy No Matter What Happens

    Everyone is entitled to being happy. Some people convince themselves that they are somehow undeserving of that, but it’s not true. Sometimes, you just need to remind yourself that, yes, you do deserve to be happy, no matter what. Even if you make mistakes, even if other people say otherwise, you deserve happiness.

    You are not obligated to feel a certain way due to events or the expectations of others. Truly, your emotions are your own and you are only beholden to yourself.

    I Am in Control of My Actions, Thoughts, and Destiny

    Sometimes, it feels like you have no control over your life, and it’s true that not everything is under one’s control. But many people forget just how much control they do have. This positive affirmation can remind them of how much power they have.

    You can choose how to react to anything that happens. The way you feel about your day is entirely up to you and your mind. No matter what, nobody can control how you think or feel, and reminding oneself that such a thing is true is empowering. Plus, it helps remind us of the fact that, no matter how chaotic the world gets, you still have some control.

    I Am Not Defined by My Past, I Am Defined by Today

    When you first wake up in the morning, you haven’t tackled a new day yet.  This makes it very easy to dwell on the past, particularly one’s mistakes. But of all the positive affirmations for mornings, this one might be the most powerful of them all.  This is because of its important truth: no matter what happened before, you are defined by what happens today.

    This notion is freeing: everyone makes mistakes. But every new day offers a new opportunity to move beyond those mistakes.  Truly you can make amends for them or improve upon the aspects of yourself that led to those mistakes in the first place. You are not stuck as the person who made yesterday’s mistake. Each new day is an opportunity to be better.

    This helps remind oneself that life keeps moving, and that no mistake is a permanent scar that has to hold you down forever.


    It takes 21 days to commit to a new habit.  Try these positive affirmations for mornings for that length of time and watch the changes in your life!