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Meaning & Understanding

Studies suggest that mood can be manipulated by behavior and experiences. Those who change their behavior and experiences can then improve their mood. The idea is that we can’t control our feelings or our mood. We can control our behavior so changing our behavior will then force our mood to change.

Can Hopelessness Make You Ill?

    What triggers your anxiety may be different from what triggers mine, but regardless we all benefit from becoming more attentive to our internal landscape. Whether it’s that we need to clean up our diet, get more exercise, sleep more deeply, reduce our stress, or pull the skeletons from our closets (perhaps all of the above) there are many things we can do to support our mental health.

    What Triggers My Anxiety?

      Hope that things will get better and that the storm we’re currently in will pass. It helps us keep our moving toward our goals. It motivates us to achieve. It gives us a reason to fight and try to get out of our circumstances, even against negative odds.

      The Psychology of Hope

        Anxiety is something we all experience as humans. If you have been alive for more than a few days, chances are you have experienced anxiety at some point in your life. It often has a negative connotation, but anxiety can also be protective or helpful to an extent.

        What Does an Anxiety Attack Feel Like?

          While one person challenged with Social Anxiety Disorder might feel anxious communicating with even one other person, another might be more tolerant to interacting with a small group of three to five people before feeling the effects of nervous symptoms.

          Jobs For People with Social Anxiety

            When you set time aside each day to think positively, you feel fantastic at that moment. You have those positive thoughts floating around your head, and you can feel great about every situation. The problem? Eventually, you will have to stop thinking positively and go back to facing life’s realities.

            Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

              If you find yourself wanting to or actually responding in anger, you need a break. It could be that the mental demands of the job are too much. Or, you could need more support at work. This might include training, additional staff and backup, or a shift in responsibilities.

              Truly Legit Reasons to Take a Mental Health Day

                Eventually, we associated asking for help with weakness, inadequacy and clinginess. That’s why when people ask, “How are you?” we will instinctively say, “I’m fine.” And when they say, “Do you need anything?” we will answer, “No thank you.”

                Why is Expressing My Gratitude So Hard to Do?

                  It is important to note that all of the possible relationships between positive thinking and well-being, outcomes, etc., have not been explored. Maybe they never will be, but there still remains a fair amount of evidence dating back to the 1960s that shows how positive thinking can be beneficial.

                  Scientific Studies on Positive Thinking