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Meaning & Understanding

Stress has been linked to numerous chronic conditions, ranging from diabetes to depression. It can also lower the immune system, cause insomnia, and affect appetite and energy levels. By developing a positive mindset, you actually feel physically stronger and healthier too. This can lead to a longer, fuller life. 

Keep a Positive Mindset and You May Live Longer

    Taking mental health days is crucial for a variety of reasons. Whether you take them often or you’ve never taken one in your life, it’s important to understand the benefits that a mental health day can have on your mind.

    Legit Reasons to Take a Mental Health Day

      In Ledgerwood’s talk, she describes how people tend to focus more on the negativity of failure, more than the positivity of success, even of success happens more often. Failure sticks around much longer, she cites an example of the glass half full/half empty concept.

      The Top Positive Thinking TED Talks on the Internet

        Positive leaders, on the other hand, create an environment where connection feels easy. Positivity is like a magnet, it will attract the right kind of people to you. Leadership implies a relationship, you need to lead other people in order to be a leader.

        A Good Leader Should Have a Positive Outlook

          Through constant application, positive thinking can vastly improve your circumstances. This is the key, though: positive thinking is an active mindset requiring work and practice. It isn’t a magic solution to problems, but rather a reframing of them to see your situation in a more manageable light.

          What’s Positive Thinking and Should I Try it?

            The question is, could they be right? Could positive thinking set us up for a disastrous outcome? let’s take a look at why some people don’t think positive thinking is beneficial, then decide whether or not it holds up in the end.

            Rethink Positive Thinking-Is it All a Myth?

              By reading through the examples, you can now have a better understanding of this concept. Are there other analogies of faith in the Bible that you can find? Analogies of faith are fun to seek out, as you gain a deeper understanding of the scripture in the process.

              Analogy of Faith Examples That Make Sense

                Studies suggest that those who fear failing may actually practice positive self-talk to motivate and initiate actions that will result in the opposite of the fear, success. While some may argue that a strong fear of failure can lead to catastrophic mental breakdowns, plenty of others find that fear can instill determination.

                A Strong Fear of Failure Leads to Positive Thinking

                  Bad moods happen to everyone. It’s normal to sometimes feel down, especially during difficult life events such as the end of a romantic relationship or job loss. These events can throw us into a funk that can be difficult to shake.

                  Is it Hopelessness or am I Just in a Funk?

                    By putting your faith solely in God instead, you’re letting go of the burden that was weighing on your shoulders. You’ve done all you can do in this physical world and the rest is simply out of your control. By using faith, you’re saying that the control doesn’t lie within someone else or a certain outcome but in your protector and Heavenly Father.

                    With Faith and Patience, Life is a Lot More Manageable