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Meaning & Understanding

Bad moods happen to everyone. It’s normal to sometimes feel down, especially during difficult life events such as the end of a romantic relationship or job loss. These events can throw us into a funk that can be difficult to shake.

Is it Hopelessness or am I Just in a Funk?

    By putting your faith solely in God instead, you’re letting go of the burden that was weighing on your shoulders. You’ve done all you can do in this physical world and the rest is simply out of your control. By using faith, you’re saying that the control doesn’t lie within someone else or a certain outcome but in your protector and Heavenly Father.

    With Faith and Patience, Life is a Lot More Manageable

      In this article, we will take a deep dive into the analogy of faith looking at how Scripture fulfills the teachings of the Church, how the analogy of faith gives weight to the argument of Christianity, as well as the possibility of the analogy of faith to be untrue.

      I’m Confused. What Does the Analogy of Faith Mean?

        Hopelessness is caused by many different things, such as feeling hopeless, alienated, like you failed, finding others untrustworthy. By acknowledging how you are feeling, you can do certain things in order to cope better.

        Help! What Causes Feelings of Hopelessness?

          Having faith in the Lord is about more than simply believing He is real. It’s about actually doing what the Bible dictates for a follower of the faith. It’s about living your life the way your faith says you should. After all, if you really had faith in God and the Bible, you’d be inclined to obey its commandments, would you not?

          The Best Sermon on ‘What is Faith’ I’ve Ever Read!

            Creative Hopelessness is an alternative way to cope with long-lasting, chronic physical and mental pain that doesn’t seem to get better with medical intervention. This form of treatment flips the switch in the thought process and teaches you how to live your life through those feelings and not wait for them to go away.

            How Can Creative Hopelessness Help Me?

              It’s a sobering and sad fact. According to most estimates, almost 50% of marriages result in divorce. When couples walk down the aisle, the last outcome they expect is that they will be walking out of the union in opposite directions. The consequences of divorce are sometimes shattering regardless of whether the decision was mutual.

              What Everybody Ought to Know About Hopelessness After a Divorce

                This is why Jesus used the example of a child when asked how to enter the kingdom of heaven. Children are fully dependent on their parents. They have faith in their parents without evidence that they will be taken care of, and they hope in the good things their parents will provide them with, namely love.

                Faith vs. Hope- Do You Know the Difference?