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Affirmations for Weight Loss-Get Your Head in the Game!

    Affirmations for Weight Loss-Get Your Head in the Game!

    The journey of weight loss is often a battle against the emotions and the mind. We struggle with insecurity and fears of failure. We compare ourselves to other people, and get discouraged by a plateau. We blame ourselves for lack of progress, or feel guilty about “falling off the wagon.” Affirmations for weightloss can help!

    These negative, self-punishing and self-limiting beliefs are counter-productive. You can’t hate your body or the journey into becoming healthy. You need to love yourself, because that’s when you’ll sincerely start treating your body better and giving what it needs—which is the secret of sustainable weight loss.

    Use these positive affirmations for weight loss to cut off negative thinking, change destructive patterns, and focus on your goals.

    “I love myself for who I am, right now.”

    This affirmation reminds you that you are beautiful and lovable right now. Your identity is not defined by the numbers on the scale, and you are not losing weight in order to “deserve other people’s love.”

    “I am in charge of my thoughts, feelings, and choices.”

    There are many factors in weight loss that are not completely in our control: metabolism, body type, age, or how much free time we have to exercise. However, we can focus on what we can change, including the kind of food we eat, and how we deal with obstacles.

    “I am becoming stronger and healthier every day.”

    You may not see it, but your body is responding to your weight loss efforts. Your muscles are getting stronger and bigger, your sugar levels are dropping, your heart and lungs are stepping up to meet the increased activity. Your body is awesome!

    So instead of hating your body for being fat, weak, or slow, replace these with positive affirmations for weightloss—and sending your cells and organs your positive vibes.

    “I let go of words and relationships that are not for my higher good.”

    if you hear painful or judgmental comments, you shrug it off – because their opinion of you is inaccurate and unimportant. If a person constantly makes you feel small, then “mute” that person. Cut them off, or at least minimize interactions.

    You love yourself and you are your own biggest fan in this weight loss journey. You do not allow anyone to hold you back or hurt you.

    “I give my body the care it deserves.”

    Diet is not a bad word. It is replacing unhealthy food with nutrient-dense food that your body needs. So instead of thinking of the diet as restriction, think of it as nourishment and care. 

    On this note, this is also why you need a sustainable diet that gives you enough energy and variety so you don’t feel severely deprived. Avoid crash diets, or diets that have a lot of rules. If a diet makes you miserable, look for another one—there are many different regimens, so find one that is good for both your physical and mental health.

    “I let go of guilt and shame.”

    It’s normal to have good days and bad days during your weight loss journey. You may suddenly cave in and eat something unhealthy, or lose the motivation to exercise. You may even regain the weight you have lost.

    When that happens, don’t fall prey to prolonged guilt and shame. You made a mistake or had a setback—be accountable, but move on. Today is a new day. Just go back to doing what you know works, and your body will respond as it always has—by becoming stronger and healthier.

    “I am grateful for my body.”

    Too often, we become overcritical of our body, comparing it to others’ and obsessing over every flaw. During weight loss, we can be even more observant of those extra inches on the waist, or whether or not muscles have gained definition.

    But it’s important to balance a healthy awareness of what we need to change, with a gratitude for what our body already does—the ability to move around, our five senses, our breathing and organ functions. Our body works hard, so give it some love and recognition!

    “I trust and enjoy the process.”

    Weight loss is not a linear journey. There will be weeks when we lose steadily, then we hit a slowdown or plateau. There will be workouts and diets that we instantly enjoy, and others that we discard because it just isn’t working for us.

    The key is to enjoy the journey, and respect the process. It may take longer than we’d like, but every day we learn more about ourselves and what our body needs.

    Say and believe the affirmations for weight loss

    Just like your body needs good food to become healthy, your mind needs good thoughts to feel motivated and inspired. Recite the affirmations for weight loss every day, and you’ll become mentally and emotionally “fit” for life.