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The 5 Coolest Positive Daily Affirmation Apps

    Positive Daily Affirmation Apps

    Affirmations help you lead a positive life.  With the multitude of apps available on your phone, there are many different positive daily affirmation apps to choose from.

    Below we will go over the top 5 positive daily affirmation apps.  You can weigh the pros and cons of each app to decide which is the best fit for you.  Continue reading to see your options for positive daily affirmation apps.

    1. I am – Daily affirmations

    There are several different categories for you to choose from (including self-care, personal growth, love and relationships, stress and anxiety, and others).  This app allows you to set reminders that will be delivered throughout the day.

    When you first enter the app, you get to set up how many affirmations you receive and how often.  For just under $2 you, can tailor your affirmations to things that interest you.


    You can pick the number of affirmations you receive a day, so as to not be over or underwhelmed.  You can also add your own personal affirmations.  


    There is only a 3-day free trial, after that the application will want to charge you for an entire year.

    2. Believe – Daily Affirmations

    While this application is similar to I am – Daily affirmations, it has more customization available.  There is a huge selection of affirmations in many different categories.

    When you first enter the app, you are greeted with butterflies and pretty colors.  First and foremost, you can configure your daily reminders.  I really enjoy the look of this app; it’s colorful and inviting.


    Instead of strictly being affirmations, this application also overs mini games/challenges to help you relax.  You are able to customize the way affirmations are displayed as well, from image to font to background music.


    Some users have experienced issues with receiving reminders, despite having correct settings.

    3. Daily Affirmations – Motivation

    This application allows you to set a time to receive your affirmation.  You can also record yourself saying the affirmations, making it more personal.  It is a colorful app, yet muted enough for your to relax as you focus on your goals.

    When you first enter the app, you have access to the free affirmations.  You can pay if you want to read the Wellbeing ; Self-Care, Abundance ; Wealth, or Strength ; Discipline applications.  You can add your daily gratitude to remind you what you are thankful for.


    This app has interesting and different categories than some other apps.  For instance, it has forgiveness to free myself, happiness and joy, transform my mindset, financial independence and security, and others.


    This application asks for reviews repetitively, even after users have left a review.  Also, some of the longer affirmations are blocked by the microphone key, making them hard to read.  Limited on what you can see if you do not pay.

    4. Daily Affirmations – Fill your day with positivity

    This app offers 18 different categories of affirmations to choose from.  Some of the more unique and interesting categories are pregnancy, relationship, business, law of attraction, and exercise.

    When you first enter the app, you are greeted with a clickable ad for something else.  There are more categories available for free than others, but each affirmation will be interrupted by an advertisement.  I love how you can see all the affirmations easily though by category.


    You can select and deselect topics to suit what you want in your affirmations.  You can customize the already made affirmations with your own voice and picture.


    Customer service can be difficult or impossible to get ahold of, in the event that something is wrong with the app.

    5. Mantra – Daily affirmations reminder for self care

    Manta – Daily affirmations reminder for self care has different themes that you can choose from.  This affirmation app focuses more on confidence and yourself than say business or goals.

    When you first enter the app, you can continue as a guest.  Only the “general” category is available; however, if you do choose to pay for premium, this app has several interesting categories: attract love, advance in career, believe in yourself, improve sex life, develop gratitude, strengthen your body, and many others.


    You can pick when you receive your affirmations.  So if you want to set it for before work, set it beforehand and have a helpful affirmation before you go on your way.


    The premium version has issues with letting you login.  Developers do not respond to emails from paid customers if there is an issue.  You can’t pick which affirmations you don’t want.  The free version is limited in what you can use/see.

    Conclusion on Positive Daily Affirmation Apps

    You now have 5 different positive daily affirmation apps to choose from.  This article tells you various pros or cons, but they all offer a free version so you can see what fits your interests best.  Now you can pick an app to help you with new and refreshing daily affirmations.