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Is Hopelessness an Adjective?

    Hopelessness is not an adjective as it is not a descriptive word used to support a noun. Hopelessness is, in fact, a noun.  It is defined as the “state or feeling of lacking hope or motivation for any thought of a bright future”. 

    In this article, you will learn the adjective equivalent of hopelessness.  Also, we will show examples of how to use hopelessness in a sentence.  Lastly, you will learn some synonyms for the term ‘hopelessness’. 

    What Is the Adjective Form of Hopelessness?

    While hopelessness is a noun, the adjective form of the word is ‘hopeless’, used to describe a person, situation, or place. For example: “He was a hopeless romantic who put his faith in love, therefore he could not stay away from her.”

    How Is Hopelessness Used in a Sentence?

    Hopelessness is a heavy noun that implies a very dire and dreary state of mind. Here is an example of how the word is used in a sentence: “One serious symptom of depression is hopelessness.”

    Another example is the following: “He wallowed in utter hopelessness as she departed from his life forever.”

    What Are Some Synonyms of Hopelessness?

    Some common synonyms for hopelessness include desperation, discouragement, melancholy, sorrow, and misery.   Words that also work could be gloom, despondency, and anguish. All of these words describe the condition of someone or something lacking hope. 

    What Are Some Antonyms of Hopelessness?

    The antonyms of hopelessness include nouns such as assurance, confidence, elation, expectancy, hope, trust, hopefulness, and expectation.  Also, encouragement, courage, cheer, and anticipation would work. All of these words describe the condition opposite to that of hopelessness.  

    Conclusion on is Hopelessness an Adjective?

    Hopelessness is a noun. It is defined as the ‘state of being without hope or a feeling of despair’. The adjective equivalent is ‘hopeless’, typically used to describe a situation, person, or place. Similar words that also mean hopelessness include despondency, anguish, and discouragement.