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LDS Conference Talks on Hope

    Twice a year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints holds a world-wide conference.  Here, leaders and notable members of the church give talks on a variety of topics important to the church community. We’ve summarized some of the past LDS conference talks on hope to help provide inspiration for you especially in times of darkness.

    The Infinite Power of Hope

    This talk was given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf at the October 2008 LDS Conference. He describes how important hope is in our lives. Basically, hope is an essential part of the trinity which Paul talks about – faith, hope, and love. This ultimate trifecta cannot be complete without hope. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit to allow us to pursue the Christian mission.

    Likewise, trusting in God and His goodness despite the woes of this world is the essence of hope. Despair must exist because hope exists, and everything must occur in opposition. We can hope for a better future and hope in Jesus who sustains our everyday life. Ultimately, we can cultivate our hope by keeping faith in the Lord, and through our hope, we can perform good works for our fellow man. The Infinite Power of Hope – YouTube

    Hope In Christ

    This uplifting seminar was given by President M. Russell Ballard at the April 2021 General Conference. He reflects on Jesus’ constant message of reassurance to His disciples that He would never leave them, despite His impending crucifixion. He reminds us that Jesus did not promise there would be no suffering. Instead, we are taught that suffering for the Lord would be rewarded.

    In light of this Easter message and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Ballard admits that he has felt the isolation and loneliness of suffering. Ultimately, the hope in Jesus and His promise of eternal life has helped him see beyond the tribulations of this mortal world. Hope in Christ | M. Russell Ballard | April 2021 – YouTube

    A Perfect Brightness of Hope

    At the April 2020 LDS General Conference, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke on this topic. He invites his audience to imagine what the life of a Christian must have been like 200 years ago.  At that time there was a lot of hope in getting to know God more fully. However, there was also the lack of understanding of God which led some to abandon a relationship with him altogether.

    In his present day in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and a world that still sorely lacks a vital hunger for religion, Holland urges his community to place their hope in the unfailing promises of Jesus Christ. He reminds us that despite the struggles and darkness of the world, God will never cease to bless us with His abundant graces. Jeffrey R. Holland | A Perfect Brightness of Hope | April 2020 General Conference Sunday Morning – YouTube

    The Reason for Our Hope

    President Boyd K. Packer gave this talk at the LDS Conference in October 2014. He recalls an anecdote in which he and his wife were researching his family’s genealogy and ultimately ended up presenting a set of books to the president of the college’s library. They became involved in a deep and lengthy conversation about Christ and His mission on earth.

    He reminds the community of Christ’s true purpose, to provide salvation and atonement for our sins. Jesus is the reason we have hope, but we cannot achieve redemption for ourselves, imperfect creatures that we are. Through repentance and Jesus’ sacrifice, we can look forward to the hope of eternal life. The Reason for Our Hope – YouTube

    Conclusion on LDS Conference Talks on Hope

    The biannual Latter Day Saints General Conference is a wonderful opportunity for the leaders of the community to share their testimony and encourage the community to pursue the Christian mission. These talks on hope provide true inspiration and a great reminder of Him in whom we place our trust in spite of the imperfections of the world.