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LDS Hymns of Hope that Will Really Touch Your Soul

    LDS Hymns of Hope That Will Really Touch Your Soul

    Undeniably, music is a beautiful way to praise God. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has some especially luminous LDS hymns of hope to help remind us of God’s goodness and His promises. 

    In this article, we’ll provide some of the best Latter Day Saints hymns on hope. Even more, we’re including some of the lyrics as well as some background information on the hymns.

    Hope of Israel

     1. Hope of Israel, Zion’s army,

    Children of the promised day,

    See, the Chieftain signals onward,

    And the battle’s in array!


    2. Hope of Israel, rise in might

    With the sword of truth and right;

    Sound the war-cry, “Watch and pray!”

    Vanquish ev’ry foe today.


    3. See the foe in countless numbers,

    Marshaled in the ranks of sin.

    Hope of Israel, on to battle;

    Now the vict’ry we must win!


    This powerful hymn was written by Joseph L. Townsend. Inspired by the messages of God’s support of Israel in the Old Testament, he wrote a battle song to rally the troops of God’s army to fight for the truth. In fact, he calls on the hope of Israel, God Himself, to lead Christians to victory against the enemy. 

    I Am a Child of God (A Children’s LDS Hymn of Hope)

    1. I am a child of God.

    Rich blessings are in store;

    If I but learn to do his will

    I’ll live with him once more.


    2. Lead me, guide me, walk beside me,

    Help me find the way.

    Teach me all that I must do

    To live with him someday.


    Next, this beautifully simplistic hymn echoes the innocent and total dependence we should have as children of God. Written by Naomi W. Randall, its inspiration is the longing for our heavenly home. Additionally, it speaks of the unfailing hope in God’s promise that we will be fully reunited with Our Father one day. Furthermore, we must keep that hope alive by showing our love for Him and doing His will.

    Come Thou Glorious Day of Promise

    1.Come, thou glorious day of promise;

    Come and spread thy cheerful ray,

    When the scattered sheep of Israel

    Shall no longer go astray,

    When hosannas,

    When hosannas

    With united voice they’ll cry.


    2. Oh, that soon thou wouldst to Jacob

    Thy enliv’ning Spirit send!

    Of their unbelief and misery

    Make, O Lord, a speedy end.

    Lord, Messiah!

    Lord, Messiah!

    Prince of Peace o’er Israel reign.


    This hymn, written by John G. Pratt in the 1830s, still holds an applicable message for today. It sings of the hope that one day all of God’s children will once again be united in Him. Indeed, the hope of Jesus Christ is powerful, and He draws all toward himself. Additionally, this hymn speaks of the day when He will finally come to bring everlasting peace to all who believe in Him. 

    Press Forward, Saints

    1.Press forward, Saints, with steadfast faith in Christ,

    With hope’s bright flame alight in heart and mind,

    With love of God and love of all mankind.


    2. Press forward, feasting on the word of Christ.

    Receive his name, rejoicing in his might.

    Come unto God; find everlasting light.


    3. Press on, enduring in the ways of Christ.

    His love proclaim thru days of mortal strife.

    Thus saith our God: “Ye have eternal life!”


    Lastly, this hymn of hope was written by Marvin K. Gardner and is inspired by a scripture passage from the second book of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. This song of encouragement is a beautiful reminder to place all of our hope in Him who loves us eternally. And so, he wants to share with us His everlasting light. 

    Conclusion on LDS Hymns of Hope

    In short, there are so many ways to express our hope in God. These LDS hymns of hope are just a few of the beautiful examples of praise and homage we can present to our Lord. And thus, we can show Him that our hope lies in Him who is everlasting and eternally loving.