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Our 6 Favorite Podcasts on Positive Thinking

    Our Favorite Podcasts on Positive Thinking

    Need your daily dose of motivation? Our favorite podcasts on positive thinking will keep you focused on your goals, lift you out of a bad mood! Likewise, they will cheer you on like a coach or best friend who always helps you live your best life. 

    Heidi’s LemonAid Stand

    Everybody goes through challenges and setbacks, but the real heroes are the ones who turn problems into opportunities.  They can allow crises to bring out the best in themselves.

    This podcast shares interviews of real people who turned lemons into lemonade. We like the variety of stories: a widow who found life after a loss, a mom diagnosed with multiple sclerosis who refused to let her illness define her, a teenager janitor who got ahead by hard work but learned the importance of giving and taking.

    These situations—illness, financial problems, grief—are real and relatable.   Consequently, they show that everyone can be the hero in their own story. That’s why this will always be one of our favorite podcasts for positive thinking. 

    The Science of Happiness

    Next, hosted by the founder of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science center, this podcast provides tips and strategies for a happier life.  More importantly, these tips are actually based on solid research. 

    The suggestions are very easy to do, and you may have already heard of some of them before.  Some are as follows; spend more time outdoors, silence your inner critic through positive thinking, and manage your expectations.

    But what makes this podcast unique is how it cites facts and studies.  Also, it has amazing guests that are experts in their field. It’s a must-listen to anyone who’s interested in psychology and positive thinking, or is constantly asking, “Will this really work?”

    10% Happier

    The podcast host Dan Harris was a successful journalist in life.  He is described as one who is naturally anxious, high-strung, and has even had a panic attack on national television. But he discovered meditation as a way to deal with stress.

    Harris went on to find other ways to “train his brain” to be happy and calm. By extension, he shares his insights in his bestselling book 10% Happier and this podcast.

    The topics are specific and on point for anyone who’s stressed, burnt out, and tired of adulting. Like “How to be calm without being passive” or “meditation for control freaks.” Guests range from Buddhist monks to psychologists and celebrities.

    Gratitude Diaries

    Have you ever had one bad thing happen to you, which shifts your entire mood and affects you for the rest of the day?

    That’s when you need to listen to this podcast. Episodes are really short (some are only about 7 minutes long) but remind you to take on the attitude of gratitude. Hosted by Janice Kaplan, the topics show how just saying thank you for the little things can rewire your brain.  Similarly, you can transform relationships, attract opportunities, and more.

    That’s all the reminder you need to stop the pity train and focus on the positive things—and regain control of your mood and your day.

    Tiny leaps, big changes

    This personal development podcast shows how you can get the life you want, just by making small but powerful changes in your thoughts, behaviors, and everyday routines.

    We like how it translates positive thinking into positive acting, and ends each episode with actionable tips that you can apply right now. If you ever feel that you’re stuck, or have trouble breaking patterns that hold you back or slow you down, this podcast is for you.

     Happier with Gretchen Rubin

    Last on our list, this podcast is hosted by bestselling author Gretchin Rubin.  Her books The Happiness Project and Better Than Before have helped people become more positive, productive and creative.

    The episodes are fun and thought-provoking.  This is not just because of their interesting guests—psychologists, experts, bestselling authors and more—but the rapport between Gretchen and her little sister, who co-hosts the show.

    Keep calm and press play

    You are in charge of your thoughts, feelings and ultimately, your life. Our favorite podcasts on positive thinking can help you fight negative thinking, and create habits that are aligned with what you want.