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Poems About Hopelessness

    Poems About Hopelessness

    We all feel hopeless at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. We all experience loss and because of that, we all experience grief. In the moment, this can be challenging. It is recommended to keep a physical reminder, so it might help keep hopelessness at bay. That being said, here are a few poems about hopelessness that might help you out.  

    Feeling hopeless does not have to overwhelm us. However, easing the pain of hopelessness can be a challenging and difficult journey. Thankfully, one way you can calm these emotions is by taking solace, knowing that you are not the only one to have ever felt this. 

    Sonnet 144 by William Shakespeare 

    Firstly, this sonnet tells the story of a man hopelessly trapped between his love for a man and a woman. Shakespeare explains the story through Christian iconography. Referring to the man as “The better angel a man right fair.: Alternately, the woman is referred to as “A worser spirit a woman colour’d ill.” 

    Surprisingly, it is theorized that this sonnet is semi-autobiographical. Basically, it represents Shakespeare’s own hopelessness of being caught in a love triangle. 

    A Meeting with Despair by Thomas Hardy

    Hardy’s gloomy poem deals with the unavoidable feeling of hopelessness. These feelings show themselves in his description of the black moor where he finds himself.  Sadly, this is described as—the “black lean land“. In other words, a representation of the inescapable darkness associated with hopelessness. 

    Therefore, Hardy attempts to seek hope by looking skywards. Metaphorically, this could be a possible indication for looking towards the future, or even God. 

    In addition, Hardy’s hopes are shattered when a figure tells him that the sky will assuredly turn dark. Hopefully, Hardy looks skyward again to see the night’s sky.  

    Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley 

    Shelly’s famous poem reflects on the hopeless battle against the unescapable passage of time.

    This poem tells the story of a traveler who finds a ruined monument dedicated to a once powerful and revered leader. Engraved on the remnants of the statue is the quote, “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings. Look on my works, ye mighty and despair!”. Ironically, what was once this leader’s great kingdom had since dissolved into a sea of sand.

    Shelly’s work reflects on the meaninglessness of our achievements. Specifically, that no matter how great they are, they are all eventually lost to time. 

    Conclusion on Poems About Hopelessness

    In conclusion, these examples are just a few poems dealing with feelings of hopelessness. Hopefully, by reading these words, you will find some solace and remember that you are not alone.