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Powerful Prayers for Strength and Faith

    Does this world make you weary and leave you feeling like there’s no hope to be found? Fear not, for God is good and even if you are feeling weak, He can give you strength if only you have the faith to ask for it. Use these powerful prayers for strength and faith to help lift your spirit closer to God. 

    Powerful Prayers for Strength and Faith During Hard Times

    Lord, sometimes I feel like I do not have the will to go on, but I know that I can do nothing without you. Give me the strength to persist when times are tough, always reaching out for your everlasting love. 

    Help me to have eyes of faith to see that these trials are all a bigger part of your perfect plan. Only within your loving embrace can I hope to gain the strength I need to persist when everything seems lost. Amen. 


    Prayer for Strength in Faith

    Jesus, I know that sometimes I falter on the path towards You and lose sight of who You are. Help me when I stumble. When it is easier to veer from the road to heaven, give me the strength to stay the course with eyes locked on Your holy face. 

    My faith can be shaken by the smallest of things, but through Your guidance, it can grow strong enough to move mountains. Through You all things are possible, even for a weak child like me. Give me the strength to put all of my faith and trust in You who are all good and all deserving of my love. Amen. 


    Powerful Prayers for Strength and Faith During Illness

    Lord, my body is weak, but You can help my soul stay strong. Give me the strength to accept the limits this illness may put on my physical being. Grant me the faith to believe in a higher purpose for the suffering I am enduring right now. 

    Help me to join my pain to Jesus’ suffering on the Cross so that through Him who sacrificed His very life for my soul, I may have the strength to endure these trials. Even if this sickness leaves me scarred and broken, let my faith in You be enough to overcome any physical weakness. I pray this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior. Amen. 


    Prayer for Strength and Faith for a Loved One

    O Holy God, my loved one is suffering greatly. They have lost their way and I cannot find the words on my own to help them. I ask that You grant them the strength to survive the coming days and faith in You to help them through to the other side of their trials.

    I know their journey is their own, but they will be safe if You are beside them. I’m asking, on their behalf, that you give them these graces so that their suffering will not be in vain. Amen. 

    Prayer for Strength and Faith After Loss   

    Lord, my heart hurts for the loved one I’ve lost. I feel so helpless and weak. Give me the strength to move on with my own life and survive past the grief. Hold me up with Your loving arms so that I can walk on my own two feet again without the weight of sadness and loss bearing me down. 

    Jesus, grant me the faith of a child so that I may rest secure in the fact that my loved one is in eternal peace with You. Help me to reconcile my grief with the knowledge that their suffering is at an end. I ask this through Jesus Christ. AmenD