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Signs of Hopelessness

    80% of people who are experiencing extreme feelings of hopelessness and depression will show warning signs. Feeling hopeless can quickly escalate since when one feels hopeless, they can get into habits like oversleeping, isolating, or drinking alcohol which only exacerbates feeling hopeless.

    Keep reading to learn what signs to look for when someone is feeling hopeless and what mental illnesses could cause it.

    Signs of Hopelessness-Appearing Sad or Anxious

    If you find that someone appears sad or anxious most of the time without a recent event to explain it, then it could be a sign that they are suffering from depression or anxiety. Both can cause people to withdraw from activities, and people they love as they struggle to cope. 

    Neglecting Personal Hygiene

    People who feel hopeless can lack the motivation to take care of themselves because they don’t see the point. If someone in your life isn’t taking care of their hygiene as they used to, it could be time to reach out to them and offer help even if they are trying to withdraw from friends and family.

    Losing Interest in Things They Used to Care About

    When someone stops caring about something, it could be that they are simply moving on to something new. However, when someone suddenly stops caring about hobbies or other interests and instead stays in bed all day, it could be that they are feeling hopeless and need a helping hand. 

    Dramatic Mood Swings

    It’s a misconception that those who struggle with depression or other mental illnesses lack emotions. In reality, they have unstable emotions and can quickly feel extreme guilt or frustration when even the most minor thing goes wrong. It can make them feel like there isn’t a solution to a problem and bring feelings of despair. 

    Signs of Hopelessness-Acting Recklessly

    When someone feels trapped, or their life isn’t worth living, they can act recklessly or take unnecessary risks without thinking of consequences. This behavior can become violent and self-destructive, like getting into fights, punching walls, and bouts of uncontrolled anger. It can even seem as if the person has a death wish. 

    Giving away possessions

    Hopelessness can result in someone giving away their most dear possessions and generally tying up loose ends. When someone can’t see value in their life, they usually can’t see the value they put in their possessions or friends and family. Some people may even write up a will.

    Harming themselves

    People who feel hopeless may seek out pills, alcohol, firearms or other ways of harming themselves. This comes from feeling that they would be better off dead since they can’t see the meaning of their life. It can also appear through actions like dangerous driving and generally risky behavior. 

    Final Thoughts on Signs of Hopelessness

    Knowing what signs to look for can be the best thing you can do to help someone in your life who is feeling hopeless. It can be the difference from feeling like a burden to others to instead having an output for emotions and the space to ask for help.