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The 10 Best Hopelessness Memes to Make You LOL

    Looking for 10 Best Hopelessness Memes? Sometimes battling hopelessness can prove to be a serious struggle many people tend to endure alone. However, there is a large population of those who deal with loneliness, depression, and anxiety on a daily basis.

    1. Depression Doesn’t Come with an On-Off Switch.

    People who have never suffered from depression have a hard time understanding it is not something you can simply control. If this were the case, depression wouldn’t be a massive problem in the US.

    Battling Depression

    2. No Motivation for Dealing with Emotions

    Once you start feeling overwhelmed with hopeless emotions, you begin to lose interest in feeling anything at all. Depression will stop motivation, excitement, and joy in its tracks.

    Recognizing new emotional problems

    3. Fighting with the Voices Inside Your Head

    Anxiety and depression go hand in hand, left untreated, the two conditions will fuel each other, sinking you deeper and deeper into despair and negative thought. These feelings can lead to isolation and low self-esteem.

    Nobody likes me, nobody cares

    4. Fighting Negative Thoughts

    When you do not have the tools to cope with negative feelings and emotions, they can start to overlap and quickly become all you think about, making you miserable.

    5. A Little Humor to Cover the Pain

    Sometimes it is easier to laugh about our problems instead of facing them straight on; struggling with feeling less than is very hard to face for many people. So instead of seeking help or looking for pity, we cover it up.

    6. Figuring Out Life Can be Scary

    These days, it is very common for people to lose sight of future plans and goals, becoming overwhelmed with hard choices. It can be difficult to make life decisions, creating a fear many people struggle to deal with.

    What do I do with my life?

    7. No Hope is Safe

    Sometimes, it is easier to believe that your feelings and emotions can be spared if you simply choose to lose hope to avoid disappointment.

    No hope, no disappointment

    8. Hopelessness Can be Painful

    If only we could visually see what many people feel from the inside. Many people put on a happy face, while inside, they are hurting and depressed while feeling utterly sad.

    Handling life

    9. Anxiety is Hard

    No one understands what someone with anxiety is dealing with or going through unless they have it themselves. Without experiencing it, you may never know it’s true strength.

    You can’t explain anxiety

    10. It Can be Difficult to Always Fake a Smile

    Most people with depression try to keep it to themselves and push through life alone. Quite often, it can become too challenging to continue hiding.

    Final Thoughts on Best Hopeless Memes

    It can be tough to talk about feelings of hopelessness openly; that’s why many memes are splattered throughout social media.  We often use pictures to express the feelings no one really wants to discuss.  Let’s hope these 10 Best Hopelessness Memes help in someway.