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What is a Name Meaning “Faith” That Everyone Will Love?

    It’s important to find just the right name for your child.  Consequently, using a name meaning “faith” is the perfect fit for any baby. Some of the top names from a variety of languages include Vera, Imani, Taraji, and, of course, Faith. 

    In this article, we will review the different name origins for those that mean faith.  Also, we will explain names related to aspects of faith that may also be a good fit for your little one. 

    What Are Some “Faith” Name Origins?

    As we know, Faith is the English version of the term defined as ‘the belief in things unseen’.  There are other languages who also have beautiful words for faith.  Obviously, these can make unforgettable names. Below you can choose a name meaning “faith” along with its language origin.

    • Creda – English
    • Rutendo – Shona
    • Umed – Indian
    • Besim – Albanian
    • Toivo – Estonian/Finnish
    • Imani – Swahili
    • Tumelo – Sotho/Tswana
    • Taraji – Swahili
    • Nobu – Japanese
    • Usko – Swedish/Finnish
    • Vera – Russian
    • Iman – Arabic
    • Emunah – Hebrew

    As you can see, these are definitely unique and beautiful names to give any child and to honor cultures from around the world. 

    What Are Some Names That Mean “Faithful”?

    Similar to faith, being named for the quality that inspires trust and hope is also a great gift. Check out these inspirational names and their origins that mean “faithful.”

    • Nita – Indian
    • Trinh – Vietnamese
    • Truman – English
    • Amin – Arabic
    • Leala – French
    • Nakia – Arabic/Egyptian
    • Fidel – Spanish
    • Amnon – Hebrew
    • Fidelia – Spanish
    • Amina – Arabic
    • Constant – Latin
    • Dillon – Irish 

    Any baby, boy or girl, would be truly blessed to bear such a special name.  Truely, what a great way to pay tribute to your ancestral heritage if you can identify with the origins of one of these names. 

    What Are Some Other Popular Names Related to Faith?

    Even more, there are plenty of other names that also pay homage to the idea of faith and being faithful. Any one of these choices is an excellent option when choosing just the right name for your precious baby. Here are some of our top picks of names meaning faith:

    • Minette – means “faithful protector” in French
    • Emmanuel – traditionally translated as “God with us” in Hebrew but can also mean “faith in God”
    • Rasheeda – means “possessing faith” in Arabic
    • Caleb – means “faithful” and was popular in Puritan times


    Conclusion on Names Meaning “Faith”

    No matter which version of “faith” you choose to call your new addition, all of these are great choices. In short, from Vera to Iman to Constant, there is a perfect name here for your faithful baby.