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Daily Affirmations for Money-It Really Works!

    Daily Affirmations for Money

    Daily affirmations for money use the law of attraction to strengthen positive thoughts around money to attract it into your life. Practice the following affirmations daily and reinforce them with positive money habits and you will see your life begin to change. 

    Why do people get discouraged about money?

    Money isn’t always easy; life can be expensive. However, we tend to find ourselves stuck in vicious cycles of worrying about money and then finding there is never enough of it to live the lives we wish to live. This cycle can be incredibly discouraging because it re-enforces itself and is constantly thrown in our face.

    Here’s the catch though, the more discouraged about money one becomes, the stronger their negative relationship with wealth grows. The following list of affirmations will help you break down that cycle’s hold over you so you can begin your positive journey with money and all things to do with wealth. 

    Daily affirmations for money

    Understanding money comes naturally to me. 

    I am creating wealth every day that I wake up and live my life well. 

    Money is constantly flowing into my life from various sources.

    I am prosperous and people regard me as such.

    Money is not something I need to worry, stress, or be concerned about; money is easy for me. 

    I have enough money to do what I wish to do. 

    My financial wealth is growing constantly. 

    I choose to live abundantly. 

    Money flows freely to and from me. 

    I am a catalyst for wealth. 

    Money is attracted to me. 

    I surround myself with prosperous people.

    Every day I am getting richer. 

    I am worthy of getting richer. 

    My wealth is abundant. 

    I am confident that I will be rich. 

    Checking my bank account is enjoyable because it is always full. 

    I am free of debt. 

    I can do whatever I desire because money never holds me back. 

    Money is never a deterring factor for me but rather an enabling factor. 

    I love money and money loves me. 

    My bills are always paid on time with no stress involved. 

    My wealth is handled responsibly and intelligently.

    I always have money set aside for emergencies. 

    I do not spend too much time thinking about money because it is easy for me to make money. 

    Every time I check my bank account, there is more money than the last time I checked.

    I choose to live an abundant life, one overflowing with prosperity.

    Changes you may begin to notice 

    Affirmations are powerful, and you have likely heard the stories of people who affirmed a certain amount of money and received checks with that amount in their mailbox the next day. 

    Though this is absolutely possible for you, we suggest you avoid expecting such immediate and tangible returns. Why? Because the law of attraction works on energy, if you build up high expectations that aren’t always met then you will begin feeding the negative energy of disappointment even if it is subconscious. 

    Relating any negative energy such as disappointment or worry to your wealth may interfere with future effects. 

    As such, we recommend you embrace small changes and grow the positive energy you gain from them. 

    This could mean anything from finding a dollar bill on the street to receiving a promotion at work that brings in more pay. Allow these instances to generate positive energy within your life and you will begin to notice your perspective shifting from one that may have viewed money as a stressful, unpleasant concept to one that embraces, loves, and attracts wealth. 

    Making habits now with Daily Affirmations for Money

    Build momentum with positive habits that reinforce your affirmations daily. 

    Begin by living abundantly. If you are actively keeping your wallet firmly closed and denying yourself those small pleasures in life, then you are maintaining negative associations with money. Let it go. 

    This doesn’t mean you need to start spending money you don’t have right now. All it means is that you make habits that perpetuate the positive energy you are building with your affirmations around money. 

    Get that manicure you want so badly and add the guacamole to your burrito for the extra $2. These choices, though seemingly insignificant will start you change how you live, how you feel, and how you think. Thus, by incorporating these minor habits into your life, you will be changing your relationship with money which will bolster the power of your affirmations.

    Final Thoughts

    Now that you have your list of daily affirmations for money, you are ready to begin your thrilling journey towards wealth, abundance, and financial success. 

    Allow yourself to feel each affirmation wholeheartedly. If some of the statements aren’t yet true, then say them as though they were. 

    Find the power of the law of attraction within you and the money will follow.