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Finding Love Affirmations for the Broken Hearted

    Finding Love Affirmations for the Broken Hearted

    Before you can love another, you have to learn to love yourself. Truly, to love yourself, you need to trust and truly believe that you are worthy of love. One of the best ways to attract love and bring that special someone into your life is by putting yourself in the right mindset, and you can easily do this with finding love affirmations.

    Here is a list of excellent affirmations for finding love you can use and repeat daily to attract positive vibes and put yourself in a healthy headspace to make the best decisions when looking for your soul mate.   

    The Best Affirmations for Finding Love

    If you are not familiar with affirmations and how to utilize them to bring love, happiness, and peace to your life, you may miss out on that key element to finding the perfect relationship.

    While it may seem silly to think repeating words, phrases, or quotes to yourself will help you find love, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

    When you tell yourself the same thing over and over, you will start to believe it, and once you believe you are worthy of love and you will find your perfect someone, the chances are much greater that it will happen, and sooner rather than later.”

    Here is a list of 30 great affirmations for finding love; try a few and see how you feel!

    Great affirmations to bring you love

    1. I am worthy of love.
    2. I am ready to give my heart to that special someone.
    3. People love me for who I am inside.
    4. I deserve happiness just as much as anyone else.
    5. That perfect person is out there waiting for me to find them.
    6. I can, and will, open myself up to love.
    7. My soulmate is waiting and I am ready.
    8. I will never give up on finding my one true love.
    9. I believe in love, true love.
    10. I am ready to make a connection with the right person.
    11. I am ready to give my heart to someone deserving.
    12. Love is an essential part of life and I am willing to work for it.
    13. I am ready to find ever-lasting love because it is a crucial part of being happy.
    14. I am worthy of respect, positive attention, and a healthy relationship.
    15. I have the power to love and to receive love in return.

    Fifteen more!

    1. I am a beautiful person inside and out and others can see that.
    2. I am opening my heart today in order to receive the love of another.
    3. I will break down my walls and let the one I love into my heart.
    4. I love myself and others love me, I will find my true love.
    5. My other half is out there, I just have to keep looking.
    6. I love my life and it is time to add a partner who will bring me more joy.
    7. I am ready to explore love and happiness.
    8. I am open to sharing my life with that perfect someone.
    9. Today is the day I meet Mr/Mrs right.
    10. Love is about commitment and I am ready to take on the challenge.
    11. I am strong, and so is my heart; I can love unconditionally and am ready.
    12. My other half is out there waiting to make me whole.
    13. I am lovable, kind, and compassionate.
    14. I am prepared to receive the love I truly deserve.
    15. I am ready for the next stage in my life; my true love is out there waiting.

    Final Thoughts

    You can’t find love if you are not mentally available or open to others. By using affirmations for finding love, you can remind yourself how amazing you are and allow yourself to show that off to others, eventually attracting love everywhere you go.