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National Children’s Mental Health Day-The Facts

    According to the American Psychological Association, May 7th is National Children’s Mental Health Day. This is a day to remind ourselves of the mental health issues that can impact minors.  We can also raise awareness to help overcome stigmas of mental health conditions in children. 

    In this article, we will review why this day was founded.  Also, why it is important to continue to recognize it. We will also provide some tips on ways to honor National Children’s Mental Health Day.  Lastly, we add a little bit of history on who got this day of awareness started. 

    Why Do We Have National Children’s Mental Health Day?

    In the start, it was created to promote awareness of mental illnesses and emotional problems in children. Its goal is to encourage families to seek professional help for their children who are suffering from mental health conditions.

    By raising awareness and bringing to light some of the mental health issues children face, we can find ways to provide help.  We can then help erase the stigma that surrounds mental health.

    Why Do We Need National Children’s Mental Health Day?

    This holiday is so important to the lives of children who suffer from mental illness. It is necessary to shine a light on these conditions in order to save lives.  Awareness will help strengthen and support families of children with mental health issues. 

    This holiday is essential to promote community-based services for all ages, especially struggling minors. It also shows examples of others who have overcome their conditions. They can show it’s possible for minors struggling with mental health to become active and happy members of their community.

    How Can We Honor National Children’s Mental Health Day?

    This special day can be honored in a number of ways. You can start small by pointing it out on social media.  You could also send a kind message of support to a child or their family who you know is struggling with mental illness. 

    If you suffer or have suffered from a mental health condition, tell your story. You never know if your story could help a child struggling with the same issue. Mention healthy mental health habits like positive self-talk and checking in with your feelings.  Do this especially for those most vulnerable- like teenagers. 

    See if there’s a local community center that is doing something special to promote National Children’s Mental Health Day and volunteer. If not, host an event yourself!  Then, donate the proceeds to funding research on children’s mental health or providing care for someone who can’t afford it. 

    Who Started This All? 

    National Children’s Mental Health Day was created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2005. It started off as a grassroots campaign in Washington D. C. to raise awareness of mental health conditions in children. Eventually, it grew to include national organizations and federal programs. 

    Now over 170 organizations and 1,100 communities across the country are involved.  They participate in health fairs, social networking events, educational youth programs, art exhibitions, and other community events. The message of positive mental health for children has been shared on this special day for over a decade. 


    National Children’s Mental Health Day is an amazing opportunity to raise awareness for the mental health issues that affect children of all ages. We can take advantage of this day to help promote positive mental health.  We can also encourage children and their families to seek help for the mental illnesses that impact them.