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Other Words for Hopelessness-A Complete List

    other words for hopelessness

    Looking for other words for hopelessness? For sure, synonyms for hopelessness include anguish, dejection, depression, desolation, despair, and desperation. Even more, you can use despondency, discontent, discouragement, disheartenment, gloom, grief, melancholy, and woe. 

    While each of these words are synonyms for hopelessness, this article will define each.  Also, we will highlight the subtle differences between them, according to 

    • Anguish

    Distress; severe mental or physical suffering. While not an exact synonym for hopelessness, this word can certainly evoke powerful feelings. 

    • Dejection

    A sad or depressed state; low spirits. Surely, is it any wonder that this word is only one letter away from “rejection?” To that end, it certainly brings to mind the feelings that follow being rejected. 

    • Depression

    A familiar term that is used to refer to a mental illness. Furthermore, symptoms of clinical depression include a lack of hope in one’s outlook. 

    • Desolation

    A state of complete emptiness; anguished loneliness or misery. Indeed, similar in sound and definition to the word “isolation.”

    • Despair

    This straightforward word is defined as a complete loss or absence of hope. 

    • Desperation

    A state of despair, often marked by extreme behavior.  Consequently, this can be resorting to things you wouldn’t ordinarily do but feel like you have no other choice.

    Other Words for Hopelessness

    • Despondency

    A physical or mental state of low morale or depression caused by the absence or loss of hope.  

    • Discouragement

    The loss of confidence or enthusiasm.  Likewise, this can highlight the loss of hope one has when aiming to achieve something. 

    • Disheartened

    Similar to “discouragement,” this word means a loss of confidence and determination. 

    • Discontent

    A noun meaning a loss of contentment or satisfaction.  It is often used when describing circumstances that are difficult or impossible to escape.

    • Gloom

    Can also mean a place with little light. It is also referred to as a state of depression or despondency.

    • Grief

    Deep sorrow, often caused by the death of someone close or the loss of something that you can’t get back. 

    • Melancholy

    A feeling of deep, profound sadness. 

    • Woe

    Great sorrow or distress.