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Rethink Positive Thinking-Is it All a Myth?

    Rethink Positive Thinking

    In a world full of disappointment, letdowns, and chaos, it can be very easy to find yourself in a news-fueled depression slump. However, people who choose to think positively also see family, friends, nature, adventure and life. Let’s rethink positive thinking.

    There are a lot of skeptics in society today who believe positive thinking doesn’t really work.  However, those who encourage this concept are doing a disservice to the human population.  

    The question is, could they be right? Could positive thinking set us up for a disastrous outcome? Let’s take a look at why some people don’t think positive thinking is beneficial.  Next, well then decide whether or not it holds up in the end.

    Why Some People believe Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work

    Positive thinking is a great thing; it is a way to build spirits and convince a person to help themselves feel better in the moment. However, many people believe that this is the only good thing about this type of confidence-building. 

    Many people out there, including some psychologists, feel that positive thinking is a recipe for future disasters. 

    Unfortunately, no matter how much you think positively, it is not going to automatically make situations any better or bring about a batch of good luck. Just because you think positively doesn’t mean the goals you set are certain to happen.

    People believe that when you think positively about challenging situations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and heartache. This in turn leads to a slew of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, etc.

    Positive Thinking Myths Debunked

    You will always have your nay-sayers out there that like to find issues with just about everything. However, many of the so-called reasons for why “positive thinking doesn’t work” can easily be debunked and with fairly simple explanations.

    Here are a few of the most prevalent positive thinking myths that are floating around, with the reasons they just don’t stand up.

    Myth #1. Positive Thinkers are Blind to Negative Problems in The World

    As a positive thinker, I would like to say this is simply not true. Just because we like to see the good in things doesn’t mean we are blinded to the bad.

    Most positive thinkers are enlightened to the world around them. Consequently, because of the way they think, they are still able to continue on with hopes of a good outcome.  Even if they are still recognizing issues, processing them, and dealing with them in a healthy way.

    Myth #2. Positive Thinking Sets You Up for Unrealistic Expectations

    Positive thinking doesn’t set you up for unrealistic expectations; dreaming does. Actual positive thinkers are not walking around believing they can accomplish anything they set their sights on. These people have the ability to believe if they put the work in, they can achieve almost anything they desire.

    However, contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean they will believe they can fly if they think positively enough. It means that they are going to give it their absolute best, knowing they have a better chance at getting to their goals if they think on the bright side. Meanwhile, still preparing themselves for possible failure.

    #3 It’s Irrational to Believe Positive Thinking Can Change the Outcome of a Situation

    Here we totally agree with this statement. No one should have the mindset that is simply thinking positive thoughts can or will change the outcome of any event. Particularly if the situation is entirely out of your hands. (i.e., war, poverty, recessions.)

    However, is it irrational to think deeply about each situation in order to come up with a call to action that can help, even in minor ways?

    Just because you cannot change the outcome of the world and its biggest problems doesn’t mean you can’t put your own little dent into a solution. Thinking positive thoughts will help you come up with a logical way to help. 

    Unconventional Ways to Try Positive Thinking

    Everyone can benefit from adding a little positivity into their lives. Truly, what makes a person more productive? Either thinking in a “go-getting” mind-frame where your spirits are lifted, and you have your goals set high? Or, by contrast, thinking negatively where the attitude is centered around desolate. 

    If you would like to avoid the latter, then here are a few fantastic ideas that can help you become a more positive thinker.

    1. Try Meditation

    Meditation has become a very popular way for people to reduce stress, increase productivity. Additionally, meditation can even help create positive thinking. 

    Because negative thoughts often cycle through your mind, it can be hard to eliminate these views from your day.  In turn, this promotes negative feelings, inadequate work performance, and even depression.

    Meditating, when done correctly, allows you to clear your mind and complete a mental restart that will help you change the way you process information. You can eliminate the way you see a negative situation and find a way to identify a solution. 

    2. Come Up with Some Helpful Affirmations

    Affirmations are helpful in many situations, from aiding in weight loss, reducing stress, increasing energy, etc.

    Affirmations are short sentences that you can say to yourself in any situation to promote positive thinking and embrace self-confirmation.

    Here are a few great affirmations you can try, or feel free to come up with some of your own. I am:

    • excited to create my own success.
    • optimistic and can make a significant change in this world
    • happy to let go of all the negative thoughts that are not beneficial to my success
    • worthy of happiness and success

    3. Go for a Walk

    It may sound a little strange, but frequent exercise is a great way to increase positive thoughts. When you work out, your brain creates endorphins that flick on the “happy signal” and make you think in a more positive light. 

    Along with the scientific reasons exercise promotes positive thinking, there is also an emotional component to it. When you exercise, you feel good about yourself and your health. When you feel good physically, you feel good mentally.

    Tip: To increase positive thinking while exercising, take it outside. Rather than hitting the gym or jumping on a treadmill, try going on a nature hike or running outdoors. Nature and fresh air are also beneficial to bring on more positive thoughts.

    Final Thoughts on How to Rethink Positive Thinking

    Positive thinking is a way for people to take on the world without drowning in it. It is the fuel that drives people to reach their goals; it isn’t the superpower that makes the outcome successful. Without positive thinking, the world would simply be disappointments, letdowns, and chaos.