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The Very Best Apps for Positive Thinking

    Best Apps for Positive Thinking

    Positive thinking can have major impacts on your mental and physical health. Quite simply, it can transform your life. The practice of positive thinking doesn’t seek to ignore problems. Rather, you are taught to approach life and its challenges with the assumption that things will turn out well. With our list of Apps for Positive Thinking, developing the practice can be easy! 

    Positive thinking has been shown to have amazing physical benefits.  In fact, these include increased pain tolerance, lower risk of heart attacks, and longer life spans. Likewise, mental benefits include better moods, clearer thinking, reduction in anxiety and depression, and more creativity. 

    Obviously, it sounds easy enough on paper, but actually incorporating the practice of positive thinking is another story. How do we begin to change our thought patterns and shift towards an optimistic outlook? 

    Luckily, psychologists and advocates of positive thinking have designed a variety of excellent apps to help get you started. We’ve rounded up the best Apps for Positive thinking to jumpstart your journey towards a happier life.

    Positive Thinking – The Key to Happiness 

    This app is based entirely on the principles of positive thinking and its benefits. Additionally, this iOS app includes motivational content to help you be happier and improve self-talk. 

    This app has a huge catalog of topics that cover everything from combating negative emotions to attracting wealth. Without a doubt, it will help boost confidence and improve your attitude towards life making it one of our favorite apps for positive thinking. 


    Headspace is a free app available for Apple iOS and Android. It helps users develop mindfulness techniques that boost your mood and help you cope with stress. 

    For instance, the app offers short meditations and videos and allows you to keep track of how often you meditate. Furthermore, it’s easy to use and perfect for people who are just beginning to explore meditation and the power of positive thinking. 

    Live Happy 

    This free iOS app has been around for years and is based on positive psychology. It includes activities for boosting happiness that are well researched and proven to positively impact your mood. 

    Simply put, if you are seeking to learn more about activities that can help you feel more optimistic, this is an excellent app. 

    Think Up 

    Think Up is based on research and evidence surrounding positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are words or phrases that you repeat again and again.  Eventually, this practice helps release negative thoughts and self-talk and create positive changes in your life. 

    Think Up is a great way to find positive affirmations that work for you, and even create your own. It helps you easily incorporate the practice into your life. Truly, for those of us who need reminders and structures when we attempt to develop a new habit, Think Up is a great choice. 


    For teens and young adults who suffer from anxiety and negative thought patterns, MindShift is a great place to start. As a matter of fact, it is designed with young people in mind and incorporates strategies to help manage and combat anxiety. 

    While it is designed for teens, people of all ages can benefit from the simple techniques and tips to deal with stress and panic. 

    The Gratitude Journal 

    The practice of acknowledging all of the things that we are grateful for through writing them down is great! As a result, it has been shown to have profound effects on overall happiness. 

    Indeed, beginning a journaling practice can be challenging, and this simple app assists users on staying on track. It prompts you to write down five things you are grateful for each day and keeps track of your lists in a user-friendly way. 

    Additionally, it even allows you to add photos to go along with your lists and rate your feelings so that you can track your progress. 


    Happify is designed by experts and is backed by tons of research and proven techniques to increase optimism.

    There are a variety of games, writing prompts, and other activities to help boost your mood and support happiness and positive thinking. Of course, it’s fun to use and even helps track your progress over time. 

    One of the coolest things about Happify is that they have figured out ways to measure how effective the app is for each user. As a result, their internal studies have found that 86% of users are happier within two months and that positive emotions increase with regular use of the app. 

    Thought Diary 

    The Thought Diary app incorporates the mental health practice of cognitive behavior therapy used by psychologists and mental health therapists. It helps you to track your thought patterns and change them when you need to. 

    As a result, the app is designed to help you identify negative thought patterns and switch them on your own over time. 

    Conclusion on Apps for Positive Thinking

    We’ve listed several apps that are great choices to help you on your road to positive thinking.  Choose one or more and give them a try!