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Will Getting a Pet Help My Feelings of Hopelessness?

    Will getting a pet help my feelings of hopelessness


    Will Getting a Pet Help My Feelings of Hopelessness?

    Have you ever asked yourself, ‘Will getting a pet help my feelings of hopelessness’? If you’ve pondered the effect that pets can have on your mental health, you aren’t alone.

    Several studies have shown that owning a pet can significantly reduce the feelings of hopelessness and depression that people are feeling. 

    Many of us suffer daily from depression or feelings of hopelessness. Consequently, this has been even more so during the pandemic. Four in ten adults showed new symptoms of depression or increased symptoms from February of 2020 to December of 2021. 

    Unfortunately, several folks have reported that the impact of the pandemic has affected them negatively. From the suffering economy to the loss of work, people are having difficulty sleeping and eating. As a result, many have turned to substance abuse to deal with the stress. 

    Millions of people around the world adore their pets and consider them part of the family. Consequently, it’s no surprise that getting a pet can help you feel better in so many ways. 

    Let’s look at how and dive deeper into the question; will getting a pet help my feelings of hopelessness?

    Pets Offer Unconditional Love

    Pets will offer you one thing that is hard to come by: unconditional love. They are a constant reminder that you are not alone. In addition, they will give you a sense of companionship when you feel like you are the only person left in the world. 

    Pets can help us eliminate those feelings of hopelessness by keeping us company and reminding us that we are loved.

    Animals can connect with us in a way the other humans just can’t. They seem to understand when we are feeling down in the dumps and will do anything in their power to make us feel better. 

    Pets Naturally Produce a Calming Effect

    Study after study shows that owning a pet has a calming effect. Petting your animal and snuggling with it can significantly improve your feelings. 

    You’ve probably heard that petting a dog or cat can lower your blood pressure.  This action can also help release oxytocin; the chemical that makes us feel happy. 

    Petting an animal also reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Even the sounds of a content pet breathing or the purring of a cat can be pretty soothing. 

    will getting a pet help my feelings of hopelessness

    Pets Force Us to Stay Active

    Especially dogs! They all but force us to get off our couches! They love walks and will often remind you that they need one.  Plus, how can you resist a dog that gets excited when you pick up their leash? 

    Walks are also great for depression, regardless of walking a dog. But why not have your furry friend by your side?

    Even just a short walk with your pet outside in the fresh air is a change of scenery for you both, and that can help lift depression. 

    Are you still asking yourself, will getting a pet help my feelings of hopelessness? Let’s continue.

    They Keep Us on Schedule

    Animals are creatures of habit, and they depend on us to care for them. They know when it’s time to eat or go for a walk. Having an animal who needs us gives us a sense of purpose and encourages us to stick to a routine. 

    If you have ever felt that you just could not get out of bed in the morning, your pet will remind you that you must. You are responsible for them and knowing that you have that responsibility makes us feel important inside. 

    Truely, if you know that someone depends on you, it can give you the strength to get through the day.

    Pets Force Us to be Social

    Anyone feeling hopeless or depressed can quickly want to avoid other people and stay home. But owning a pet can help to bring you out of that feeling. 

    Let’s face it, pets and babies seem to be the one thing that will often bring strangers together. Having a common interest in pets can help grow new friendships and help you feel welcome in your community. 

    Taking your pets out of the home helps us feel better about talking to others. It’s more often the fact that dogs love to meet new people, so why shouldn’t you?

    Will Getting a Pet Help My Feelings of Hopelessness?

    Still asking, “will getting a pet help my feelings of hopelessness”? Maybe you are convinced but just aren’t sure what pet to get? Let’s look at the different kinds of pets and how they can help you.


    Dogs are enormous contributors to our happiness. They reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. They encourage us to be active and will actively seek out play. They form incredible bonds with us, making us feel important and sure of our self-worth. And who can resist those wagging tails and sloppy tongues?


    Those who don’t own a cat may be missing out. These animals are warm and cuddly and also offer companionship. 

    Just by being themselves and purring, cats help us to reduce stress and feelings of hopelessness. Cats will often sit with us while we are working or studying, and there is nothing better than having a warm cat curled up on your lap.


    Believe it or not, rodents are very intelligent and have different personalities. Rats and guinea pigs especially are very affectionate and enjoy interacting with people. They also enjoy a good snuggle. 

    Hamsters and gerbils are cute and cuddly and can give us pleasure just by watching them. You can quickly form a bond with them just by giving them time.


    Rabbits are a lot like cats in the way they will gladly snuggle up on your lap. They are very affectionate and easily house trained, giving you a sense of purpose. Everyone loves their twitchy little noses.


    From parrots to parakeets, birds are lovely for those living with depression or hopelessness. They are brilliant and will quickly bond with humans. They are also quick to learn new tricks, which can give you both something to look forward to.


    While it may sound crazy to some, exotics can be fantastic for helping with depression. 

    Bearded Dragons are quick to form a strong bond with their owner. They will gladly snuggle with you and even sleep in your bed! 

    They are also fun to watch and will be happy to interact with you daily. 

    Conclusion on Will Getting a Pet Help My Feelings of Hopelessness?

    Being a pet owner can give you hope, direction, and motivation.  Everyone can benefit from a good cuddle.  Be sure to choose wisely, for this little one will surely be your companion and comfort for years to come.